Truth and Lies

No one wants the truth because the truth paints a vivid picture of reality which we refuse to acknowledge or scramble to hide from.,lies seem to be appreciated for it gives the false sense of security we have in every word uttered.
Security that eventually eludes us and forces us to face the ever certain truth.
Truth that glares at us in the face, calling us to think and focus our abilities and minds on holy and pure things. Lies seems to speak sweet nectar in our ears that soothes our thoughts and massages our egos, but end up leaving a bitter taste in our ever longing throats. Yearning for its seductive lures and empty promise of pleasure, we believe her tales of stale breads and sour grapes.
The truth hurts but although it may feel like a knife cutting deep into our souls it is necessary, for in it may we find the strength and will to drive past our present circumstance and insecurities to achieve our greatest feats. For although the truth sometimes hurts, its also a balm that brings healing to the soul it brutalised.


Broken King,Whole Servant

Did you hear about the king slain for his servants,the price he paid to reclaim them to himself….a king laying down his life?..that’s impossible,that is wrong,yet he cared less for his love for them made it seem like nothing…his glory was dragged through the mud yet his broken body beared the burden of their sins…for their praise would echo his sacrifice for eternity..As he cried out in anguish with every inch of the nails tearing through his wrist His love was made perfect for he knew every strike of the hammer drew him closer,closer to restoration..the nations could hear his screaming but stood afar looking aloft upon this wretched figure who bargained with his life to their gain.Hell rejoiced as the Christ hanged on the cross not knowing the beginning of its end had come…The Messiah had died and the hope of generations yet unborn seem to flicker like the flames of the candle in the presence of a billowing wind…then came that glorious day when the blood surged through his body as his heart beat with a thump…each breath he took was like a kick in the face of death,Hell shook and the devil trembled as he handed the key of hades to The KING who rules all kings…Rejoice oh earth for your redemption is won,shout and leap for joy for you have being made whole… sing the joyous hallelujah knowing your redeemer has risen and your price is fully paid,for for your sake the King was broken like the crashing of the waves he was bruised for your purpose…they say he came for the broken…will you allow him to fix you??…..for no one knows the creature better than the Creator.
Courage Writes®

I told Her She Was Beautiful

I told her she was beautiful, yet she just smiled like an Angel and said “am just an ordinary girl born a daughter of eve”, but i see the extra in her ordinary. I see beyond her smile and beyond her eyes taking a sneak peak into her radiant soul, where ancient calabash pours out her emotions to mix eternally with her spirit, the spirit of an African goddess born in struggle and raised in turmoil, with her head sitted on her shoulders proudly like an eagle perched on the peak of the Kilimanjaro. She enchants the masses with her glow, her laughter echoes across the Zambezi like the eagle flying over the horizon to a new dawn.

I told her she was beautiful, but not after i had studied her body perfectly curved like the sand dumes of the Sahara, as if curved by a sculpturer who had rested just to create the masterpiece which was hers to keep.
The beauty of her face is enough to make the sun hide its radiance behind the clouds,for even the sun recognizes and calls her beautiful. For if she won’t believe me, i pray she believes her master maker, for she is the epitome of true African beauty.

I told her she was beautiful yet it seems my words cant seem to penetrate the walls of resistance she has enclosed her self in. She keeps me in suspense making me crave and long to touch her emaculate souls that sets me on fire, Fire that persuades me to weave words intricately like the master weaver Ananse himself, with each word spurned like silk out of the silver dews that refresh the grass in the early hours of anopa.

My talensi empress steps out to the greetings of the sparrow and song birds of the northern skies.
Made out of the blackness of Queens and forged in the secret places of Odomankoma, My talensi empress is beautiful beyond measure. The brown earth embraces her every step as it massages her toes making her giggle with every stride. I told her she was beautiful and mother earth agrees, for she whispers it to her ears each night as she sleeps and dreams of her destiny.
I told her she was beautiful.
Courage Blaq®(Agbeyebiawo Courage) in honor of Lamisi Johnson(The next Miss Buy Made in Ghana).. for being a great friend and making me laugh even when am gloomy

Love Again

I was scared to fall for her,for I had built an iron fence around my heart, too scared to love again, I had reinforced the walls around my emotions with the concrete of coldness. Guards on my watchtowers stood ready to shoot down any alien emotions that brought hurt, and flood my mind with memories,memories I would rather stay hidden out of sight.
But she came in like a wrecking ball and lay seige to my heart. The concrete walls so durably built began to crumble from her mere touch as my icy heart tore from the radiant beam of her smile, I wonder if I am losing my mind. Throwing caution to the wind,I leap off the cliff as her love bares me up, allowing me to soar into the eye of the brewing storm.
Overcoming Scary Love.

Love Eternal

And He said “It is not good for the man to be alone”, so He created you.
A woman of virtue he made you by breaking his skin in the first open heart surgery recorded and and took his rib, a part of him,yes you are a part of him created in the image of God yet still very much a part him, and the very moment he saw you, he knew you were the missing link, the missing part of his soul he sought.
I was not there but i can imagine his heart skipping a beat as your beauty captured and imprisoned him in the cells of love, a willing captive he was lost in your grace, every step you took matching every beat of his heart, every breath you inhaled inflamed his soul with such passion,he just couldn’t stand.
Elated but fearful for he knew not how to love a creature as perfect and frail as you, yet he knew to love you he must first seek the face of He who first loved you.
For he would love you to the point of death, so he took the big step he married you, forsaking all others he chose you, Love Eternal.

Breaking Love

I always anticipate and relish the idea of meeting you one day,
Where borders will be blurred and distance will be null and void. Where natural senses can finally interact and not meet over artificially created mediums
Of wireless signals. Signals, that distort intentions and misinterpret assertions. Where my soul embraces yours in an almagamation of passion and love. Love that breaks bounds like the waves kissing the shore of the land, like a lover who misses her soulmate. i run only to fall into your embrace where love lays eternally. A Love that breaks our soul and restores it with renewed hope to feel again after we tag on the thread that holds our souls bind in secret and loosen it. For when pride destroys our heart, our breaking love shoots forth like a phoenix rising from the ashes of a once forgotten love to a new birth of lingering passions and unbeknowed faith of a love restored. Our breaking love envelopes us causing our hearts to sing and our souls to dance to the rhythmic beats of our hearts, where our spirit runs wild to the outter most part of the universe, where our breaking love embraces with a broken smile.

Love at first Poem

It took one word to capture my soul, the first lines of her poem tighten around my wrist like ropes drawing me in closer with each sylable and phrase living me spellbound and in awe of her dexterity.
This is not love at first sight but love at first poem.Love that was woven with your words like cords which sew my heart to yours at first glance, words you spat out with such fire it engulfed my soul and body in sweet pain, a pain that promises to hurt me but thrills my soul with your spokenwords of passion.
This isnt love at first sight but love at first words, where your first “hi” sent me to heights i never knew exsisted making feel like an angel if not but for a moment making all my issues go out of sight.
This isn’t love at first sight but love at first poem.